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NOTE: Faster download version is here:  http://droplet.daretogame.net/ 
It is the same version, and it won't be changed during the Ludum Dare judging period.

Droplet has been kidnapped! Help him phase between solid, liquid, and gas to bring him home. 

Game play hints:
Movement: w to jump, A and D to move left and right.

1. When droplet gets near red crystals, he gets warm and turns to his gas phase. He can float up and move around.
2. When droplet gets near blue crystals, he gets cold and turns to his solid form. 
   He can slide and break through walls.
3. If he gets too warm or too cold, he is in danger. A flashing indicator near the thermometer will let you know this. 
   Cool him off or heat him up.
4. Droplet will slowly go back to room temperature on his own.
5. He can only go through small openings (like grates) in gas or liquid phase. 

This hardcore platformer was forged from the sweat of 14 talented people many of whom never worked together. 
They just showed up, a team started to be formed and then even more showed up. This is what I love about Ludum Dare!

All art, music, animation, and cutesy you-just-died-again mood created within period of the Ludum Dare contest.

Special thanks to Tinkermill for hosting us so we could all come together and be creative and have a great time.

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